The Writings of William Quan Judge


The Writings of William Quan Judge

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Here we present the collected writings of William Quan Judge (1851-1896). In the menu to your right, you will find links to books published by Mr. Judge along with a full 316 published articles, lectures and correspondences. These we have arranged in chronological order, as much as possible, with the exception of serialized articles, which we have arranged according to the publication date of their first installment. Below you will find an alphabetical listing of the same.

In compiling and arranging these articles we have relied upon several important sources, and wish to give our sincere gratitude for the work there done. Firstly, we must say that since Mr. Judge often wrote under pseudonyms, and as several articles and lectures were published in (now) obscure papers, or popular papers of his time that have since fallen away, it has taken much effort over decades to cull out all articles coming from his pen, through the work of many dedicated theosophists. We have relied upon their hard work entirely, and have trusted their investigations and findings fully. Secondly, it was required to transcribe his writings into digital format, and for that too we have relied heavily upon the work of others. We have, as much as possible, proof-read and corrected the transcriptions used by comparison to the original publications, but our debt of gratitude to those who performed the original transcriptions is very high.

The sources from which we have worked, and to which we owe our thanks are the following:

Chiefly, and above all others, the work of Dara Eklund and her compilation titled:

Echoes of the Orient: The Writings of William Quan Judge

Secondly, three websites that we have relied upon extensively:

Lastly, we used the “Union Index of Theosophical Periodicals” in verifying and locating Judge’s articles in theosophical publications and to verify chronology.

We have attempted, as much as possible, to publish Judge’s articles in their original formatting, so as to maintain his exact wording, spelling, footnotes, etc.. However, we also highly recommend Dara Eklund’s work, as the student will then also benefit from modernized spellings (incl. modernized Sanskrit), and additional footnotes by the compiler which add much context to the materials.

Below, and at the top of the right-hand menu, you will find a customized search engine. This search feature is designed to target only the writings of Mr. Judge and to return results drawn from Google’s database. It is a powerful tool to use in searching through Judge’s writings.

In addition to this you will find a translation feature to the right of the main title on each article. This allows the article to be translated into dozens of common languages. It uses Google Translator, an online initiative designed to aid in auto-translation. This feature is in its infancy, and translations produced by it aren’t yet ideal, but it is a tool that is improved every day, and holds much promise for the future.

We hope this compilation will be helpful to all interested students.

Books by William Quan Judge

Published During WQJ’s Lifetime

Published Posthumously

Articles by William Quan Judge in Alphabetical Sequence

A Buddhist Doctrine
A Chat with Correspondents
A Circulating Library
A Commentary on the Gayatri
A Curious Tale
A German Mystic’s Teachings
A Mahatma’s Message to Some Brahmans
A Prophecy About Theosophy
A Reminiscence & Correspondence
A Review of The Secret Doctrine
A Servant of the Masters
A Weird Tale
A Word on Pronouns
A Year on the Path
About “Spirit” Materializations
About “The Secret Doctrine”
About Killing Animals
Adepts and Politics
The Adepts
The Adepts and Modern Science
The Adepts in America in 1776
Advantages and Disadvantages in Life
Affirmations and Denials
The Allegorical Umbrella
Am I My Brother’s Keeper?
An Allegory
An American Experiment
An Ancient Telephone
An Astrological Question
An Epitome of Theosophy
An Interesting Letter
Another Theosophical Prophecy
Answers To Questioners
Aphorisms on Karma
The Application of Theosophical Theories
Are the “Arabian Nights” All Fiction?
Are We Deserted?
Argument for Reincarnation
The Ashes of H.P.B.
The Astral Light
Astral Intoxication
Astrology Verified
Authorship of Secret Doctrine
Before American Spiritualism
The Bhagavad Gita and Esoteric Buddhism
“Blavatskianism” In and Out of Season
Blavatsky Still Lives and Theosophy in Flourishing Condition
Bogus Mahatma Messages
“The Brotherhood of the New Life”
Cautions in Paragraphs
Change of Name
Chirognomy and Palmistry
Christian Fathers on Reincarnation
Cities Under Cities
Claiming to be Jesus
Closed or Open Lodges
The Closing Cycle
The Coming of the Serpent
Communications from “Spirits”
Considerations on Magic
Contemporary Literature and Theosophy
Convention of the European Section
Conversations on Occultism
Conversations on Occultism (2)
Conversations on Occultism with H.P.B.
The Cure of Diseases
Culture of Concentration
Culture of Concentration II
Cycles and Cyclic Law
Cyclic Impression and Return and our Evolution
Delusions of Clairvoyance
Direful Prophecies
Disappearance of Ascetics at Will
Dogmatism in Theosophy
The Dweller of the Threshold
The Dwellers on High Mountains
Each Member a Centre
The Earth Chain of Globes
End of Our Third Year
The Enquirer
The Esoteric She
European Convention: Chairman’s Closing Address
Fifteen Years Ago
Five Years Finished
Friends or Enemies in the Future
The Future and the Theosophical Society
“The Gates of Gold”
Give Us One Fact
H. P. Blavatsky
H. S. Olcott vs. H.P.B.
H.P.B. at Enghien
H.P.B. was Not Deserted by the Masters
H.P.B.—A Lion-hearted Colleague Passes
The Headquarters at Adyar
Hidden Hints in the Secret Doctrine
Hindu Theosophy and Professor Buchanan
Hit the Mark
How She Must Laugh
How Should We Treat Others
How the Society is Run
How to Square the Teachings
Hypnotism and Theosophy
Hypocrisy or Ignorance
Iconoclasm toward Illusions
If Methuselah Existed, Why So Short Our Lives?
Imagination and Occult Phenomena
Impossibilities Demanded
The Impudence of Modern Philosophers
India a Storehouse for Us
India and Her Theosophists
India: A Trumpet Call at a Crisis
India’s Wonder-Workers
The Inner Constitution of Man
Is Heredity a Puzzle?
Is Karma Only Punishment?
Is Poverty Bad Karma?
Jacob Boehme and the Secret Doctrine
The Kali Yuga
Kali Yuga and the Coming Race
Karma and Ethics
Karma in the Desatir
The League of Theosophical Workers
Libel by Dr. Coues and the “N. Y. Sun”
The Light of Egypt (review)
Madame Blavatsky in India
“Madame Blavatsky’s Income”
The Magic Screen of Time
The Mahatmas as Ideals and Facts
Mars and Mercury
Masters, Adepts, Teachers, and Disciples
Matters Touching Theosophy
Mechanical Theosophy
Meditation, Concentration, Will
“Men Karmic Agents”
Mesmerism and the Higher Self
Methods of Theosophical Work
Modernized Upanishad
Moon’s Mystery and Fate
The Moral Law of Compensation
Much Reading, Little Thought
Musings on the True Theosophist’s Path
The Nadigranthams
The Necessity for Reincarnation
The New “Department of Branch Work”
Nigamagama Dharma Sabha
No End and No Beginning
Notice to Inquirers
Occult Arts
Occultism for Barter
Occultism: What is it?
Of “Metaphysical Healing”
Of Funds and Property
Of Occult Powers and Their Acquirement
Of Studying Theosophy
On “The Judge Case”, Vice-Presidency and Autonomy
On Argument
[On Common Doctrines]
On Invocations
On Karma
On the Future: A Few Reflections
One of the Signs of the Cycle
Organized Life of the Theosophical Society
The Oriental Department
Our Convictions
Our Sun and the True Sun
Papyrus—The Gem
The Path
The Path of Action
The Path’s Fifth Year
“Peace with Honor” or “A Scientific Frontier”
The Persian Student’s Doctrine
Plain Theosophical Traces
Points of Agreement in All Religions
Practical Theosophy
The Prayag Letter
The Press and Occultism
Prince Talleyrand—Cagliostro
Professor Max Müller on Buddhism
The Promulgation of Theosophy
Pronunciation of Sanscrit & The Sanscrit Language
Proofs of the Hidden Self
Prophecies by H.P. Blavatsky
Questions and Answers
The Red Rajputs
Regarding Islamism
Reincarnation in Judaism and the Bible
Reincarnation in the Bible
Reincarnation of Animals
Religion and Reform from a Theosophical View-point
Remembering the Experiences of the Ego
Replanting Diseases for Future Use
“Reply to the Attack on Madame Blavatsky”
Reply: Resignation of Presidency, T.S. by Col Olcott
Respecting Reincarnation
“Reward for Unmerited Sufferings?”
Rig-Veda on Gambling
Rings, Rounds, and Obscuration
Rounds and Races
The Screen of Time
The Second Year
The Secret Doctrine and Physiology
“The Self is the Friend of Self and also its Enemy”
The Serpent’s Blood
The Sevenfold Division
Seven Steps Forward
Seven Years Gone
Seventeen Years Ago and Now
Shall We Teach Clairvoyance?
The Sheaths of the Soul
The Signs of This Cycle
Six Years Gone
The Skin of the Earth
The So-Called Exposé of Madame Blavatsky
Spiritual Gifts and Their Attainment
Spiritualism Old and New
Spiritualism: Two Spiritualistic Prophecies & A “Spirit” Testifies on Materializations
Stray Memoranda
The Stream of Thought and Queries
Studies in the Upanishads
Stumbling Blocks in Words
The Subjective and the Objective
Suggestions to Branches
Suicide is Not Death
The Synthesis of Occult Science
Tenets of Theosophy
The T.S. and its Basis
The Tell-Tale Picture Gallery
The Test of Theosophic Interest
Theosophic Diet
The Theosophical Congress and the Parliament of Religions
Theosophical Correspondence Class
Theosophical Don’ts
The Theosophical Movement
Theosophical Objects
The Theosophical Society
The Theosophical Society
Theosophical Society and Reforms
The Theosophical Society as Related to Brahmanism and Buddhism
Theosophical Studies
Theosophical Study and Work
Theosophical Symbolism
Theosophical Symbols
Theosophical Theories of the Microcosm
Theosophical Tracts
The Theosophist in Ceylon
Theosophy and Capital Punishment
Theosophy and Epidemics
Theosophy and the Theosophical Society
Theosophy as a Cult in India
Theosophy as a Guide in Life
Theosophy Defined
Theosophy Generally Stated
Theosophy in the Christian Bible
Theosophy—Its Claims, Doctrines, and Progress
Things Common to Christianity and Theosophy
The Third Year
Thought Transference or Mind Reading
Thoughts on Karma
Three Great Ideas
The Three Planes of Human Life
Through the Gates of Gold
To Theosophists Willing to Work
Tract Mailing Scheme
Transmigration of Souls
True Progress
The Truth about East and West
The Turn of the Wheel
Two Letters to the Editor of the N.Y. Times
Two Lost Keys
Two Systems—of Lust and Sorrow
Two Theosophical Events
Two Years on the Path
Universal Applications of Doctrine
Universal Brotherhood a Fact in Nature
Universal Brotherhood and Admission of Members
Upanishads on Re-Birth
Vast Works of the Past
The Wandering Eye
What is the Udgitha?
What Our Society Needs Most
What the Masters have Said
What Theosophy Is
Where the Rishis Were
Which is Vague, Theosophy or Science?
Why Races Die Out
Why the Theosophical Society is Poor
Why Yoga Practice is Dangerous
Will Masters’ Help Be Withdrawn in 1898 until 1975?
Wisdom of the Gods
Words to Remember
The Work Since May
“The World Knoweth Us Not.”
Would Universal Language Aid Universal Brotherhood?
Wrong Popular Notions
“Yours till Death and After, H.P.B.”

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