The Writings of Damodar K. Mavalankar

The Writings of Damodar K. Mavalankar

Here we present the collected writings of Damodar K. Mavalankar (1857-?). In the menu to your right, you will find links to all known articles by Damodar, along with collections of his letters, and portions of the diary he left behind. These we have arranged in chronological order, as much as possible, with the exception of serialized articles, which we have arranged according to the publication date of their first installment. Below you will find an alphabetical listing of the same.

Two compilations of Damodar’s writings have been composed posthumously. The first (Damodar: The Writings of a Hindu Chela) was completed in 1940 and represents his full collected writings, including biographical notes, articles, personal letters, references to Damodar by others, his diary, etc.. The second (The Service of Humanity) was first published in 1982, and is composed of materials drawn from the larger collection and brought together in such a way as to demonstrate the heart of Damodar’s life and wisdom. A third book, by the compiler of the first volume (Sven Eek), Damodar and the Pioneers of The Theosophical Movement, contains letters from Damodar and provides much biographical and historical context.

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We hope this compilation will be helpful to all interested students.

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Articles of Damodar K. Mavalankar in Alphabetical Sequence

[Answers to Questions on Adepts]
A Great Riddle Solved
A Hindu Chela’s Diary
A Protest
The Best Food for Man
Can Females Become Adepts?
Castes in India
How a “Chela” Found His “Guru”
Kavya Dosha Vivechana
The Metaphysical Basis of “Esoteric Buddhism”
The “Occult World” and the “Spiritualist”
On Prayer
Oxford Mission Shots at Occultism
Personal Letters
Pert Questions and Plain Answers
The Philosophy and Science of Vedantic Raja Yoga
Seeing Bright Light with Closed Eyes
The Swami of Akalkot
Theosophy and Love: A Rejoinder
The Vedantasara
White and Black Magic
The Work of the Branches

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