HPB on Theosophy

The communication of the timeless ideas encompassed under the term “theosophy”, in their most modern expression, is primarily attributed to Madame H. P. Blavatsky. She is the founder of the Modern Theosophical Movement. These are some of her words explaining Theosophy.

“Theosophy, in its abstract meaning, is Divine Wisdom, or the aggregate of the knowledge and wisdom that underlie the Universe―the homogeneity of eternal GOOD; and in its concrete sense it is the sum total of the same as allotted to man by nature, on this earth,”

“Theosophy is the shoreless ocean of universal truth, love, and wisdom, reflecting its radiance on the earth.”

“Theosophy is divine nature, visible and invisible, and its Society human nature trying to ascend to its divine parent.”

“Theosophy . . . is the fixed eternal sun, and its Society the evanescent comet trying to settle in an orbit to become a planet, ever revolving within the attraction of the sun of truth. It was formed to assist in showing to men that such a thing as Theosophy exists, and to help them to ascend towards it by studying and assimilating its eternal verities.”

“… true Occultism or Theosophy is the “Great Renunciation of SELF,” unconditionally and absolutely, in thought as in action. It is ALTRUISM, and it throws him who practises it out of calculation of the ranks of the living altogether. “Not for himself, but for the world, he lives,” as soon as he has pledged himself to the work.

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