Theosophy: the Heart, the Head and the Hands

Theosophy has to do with the whole man.  It is a blending of the Heart, Head and Hands.

Heart: Theosophy teaches compassion and love for one’s fellow man at its core.  The Heart points to the whole, the all, inclusion and unity.

Head: Theosophy is about the Head in the respect that it is about knowledge and the search for Truth.  It is the knowledge of our how the universe works, man’s role in it and the laws that govern the universe.  Theosophy points to ever higher mental capacities and deeper moral heart qualities enabling the progressive reach of perception and the expansion of good will.

Hands: Theosophy is about putting into practice universal principles.  This is in many ways the most difficult part, to live by the ideas and ideals put before us by great sages and seers of the Esoteric Doctrine. Theosophy states that an ideal cannot become real until it is practiced.  So sincere students of Theosophy struggle joyfully with the challenge of trying to put the highest ideals and principles into practice which is symbolized by the Hands.

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