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The Secret Doctrine is a book that is very difficult to define. It is at once the primary source of philosophic insight concerning the tenets of Theosophy, a chronicle of the pilgrimage of mankind, an outline of cosmogony, a catalog of the unified symbology and mysticism of ancient cultures, a critique of materialistic science and dogmatic religion, a map for the metaphysical universe and a ladder for Self-Realization. It is a work, we are told, intended for the exploration of the serious student of Theosophy. H.P.B. herself makes it clear to us that the Secret Doctrine, as a written work, is only a mere fragment of the actual Secret Doctrine which underlies all of manifestation. The Universal Theosophy web site and our sister-site Theosophy Nexus are making the study of this work a focus of our endeavors. We believe all theosophists, no matter what organization or background they may have, can come together in agreement of the importance and value of studying this seminal work.

Here we offer an ever expanding collection of Secret Doctrine Study-aids. These are intended to help the student deal with the pitfalls and challenges of such a study. They also help the student gauge the best mental posture needed for gaining the greatest benefit from such a study. The resources are approachable by and relevant to all students, new and old alike.

An ongoing Secret Doctrine Study Group exists on the Theosophy Nexus site for those who wish to join the conversation and the study with other like minded students. Please feel free to join us there!

Secret Doctrine Online

The Secret Doctrine (Universal Theosophy Edition, html)

The Secret Doctrine (Phoenix ULT Edition, html)

The Secret Doctrine (Theosphical University Press Edition, html)

The Secret Doctrine (TUP Unabridged Verbatim Edition, PDF eBook)

Resources and Study Aids

The Secret Doctrine Lexicon

Studies in the Secret Doctrine

An Invitation to The Secret Doctrine (incl. the “Bowen Notes”), TUP

Hidden Hints in the Secret Doctrine, by W. Q. Judge

An Outline of the Secret Doctrine, by Charles Johnston

Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge

How to Study the Secret Doctrine, by J.H. Fussel (part 1, part 2, part 3)

An Invitation to the Secret Doctrine, Blavatsky Theosophy Group UK

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