The Secret Doctrine Lexicon

The Secret Doctrine Lexicon is a project set up by centered upon the ideas presented by H.P. Blavatsky in her magnum opus The Secret Doctrine, published in 1888.

The purpose of the project is to provide a wider horizon and scope upon the multiform terminologies and concepts explored in this elaborate work, and to accommodate the study and research of inquirers who are willing to penetrate deeper into the arcana of this perennial wisdom.

The first stage in this project is nearing completion, that being to provide a clean, single page html file of the complete book. This can be found here:

The second stage will be to update the spellings and modernize the transliterations of key terms, along with correction of minor typographical errors and updating of styling to modern digital standards. This stage of the project is underway and ongoing.

This third state will be accomplished by adding clickable popups within the body of the text itself, which will contain additional information on terminology, synonyms or near synonyms, cross-references and illustrations, references, etc. This aspect of the project will aim to elaborate on the vocabulary, processes and ideas discussed therein.

The menu to your right (below on mobiles) leads to each major section of The Secret Doctrine. Within those sections, text with dotted underline indicates a popup link to further resources on the selected term or reference: just click the underlined text to activate the popup. Text that has been updated from the 1888 first edition—whether for spelling corrections, typographical errors, styling updates, or updated spelling/transliterations—is highlighted in dark blue.

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