The Wisdom of the Ages

This section attempts to demonstrate the continuous stream of the ancient Wisdom Tradition or Perennial Philosophy throughout human history. This stream winds its way through all cultures and all periods, giving birth to great teachers, great leaders and exemplars, to movements and schools and hidden brotherhoods, all of whom have gathered together under the natural impulse that arises from shared teachings, aim and purpose. The efforts of the few visible workers are supported by whole hosts of souls whose names have never been recorded in historical logs, just as the work of any great movement is supported by nameless but noble workers. We know of Plato, but do we know the names of all those who helped make his Academy a reality? We know of Lao Tzu, but do we know the names of all those who supported and kept alive the teachings of the Tao through the ages?

So, up front we must admit an inability to tell the whole story, but if at least an outline can be made, enough to demonstrate the reality of the movement as a whole, then the effort will be worthwhile. While providing this outline, we will attempt to offer the student the means by which to study not only the history but the philosophy and the wisdom expounded throughout it.

An advantage of the age in which we live is the ability to build virtual libraries without so much as laying a stone. This, of course, is already well underway, with thousands of workers across dozens of websites collecting, proofing and uploading the heritage of mankind. Over time we will attempt to house as many texts as possible on-site, and will link to those we are unable to house ourselves. We will provide biographies and articles, as well as photography and videos where possible. But more than just being an eclectic collection of works, what we will attempt to provide here is a means of approaching this heritage, a way for the student to find easily those works and workers who bear a relationship to the transmission of the Wisdom Religion through human history. Our hope is that this will help the sincere student to broaden their reach and their wisdom, and facilitate their learning process.

Parallel to this section we will house certain works within our Sacred Texts section. These will tie together with and compliment the current section in telling the story of the wisdom of humanity.

Please feel free to browse through these sections. If you have suggestions for materials we might use in any of these sections, please let us know in the comments section below.

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