On Concentration


     He who would hear the voice of Nada, "the Soundless Sound," and comprehend it, he has to learn the nature of Dharana

    "Dharana, is the intense and perfect concentration of the mind upon some one interior object, accompanied by complete abstraction from everything pertaining to the external Universe, or the world of the senses. ."


    Arjuna Said:

    What, O Keshava, is the mark of the man whose understanding is secure, whose mind is fixed in concentration? How does he talk? How sit? How move.

    The Lord Said:

    When a man puts away, O partha, all the cravings that arise in the mind and finds comfort for himself only from Atman, then he is called the man of secure understanding.
    Whose mind is untroubled in sorrows and longeth not for joys, who is free from passion, fear and wrath—he is called the ascetic of secure understanding. ...
    And when, like the tortoise drawing in its limbs from every side, this man draws in his senses from their objects, his understanding is secure. ...
    The undisciplined man has neither understanding nor devotion; for him who has no devotion there is no peace, and for him who has no peace whence happiness?
    For when his mind runs after any of the roaming senses, it sweeps away his understanding, as the wind a vessel upon the waters.
    Therefore, O Mahabahu, he, whose senses are reined in on all sides from their objects, is the man of secure understanding.


    The soul must be unfettered, the desires free. But until they are fixed only on that state wherein there is neither reward nor punishment, good nor evil, it is in vain that he endeavors. ... be warned, you who are but turning toward the life of occultism. Learn now that there is no cure for desire, no cure for the love of reward, no cure for the misery of longing, save in the fixing of the sight and hearing upon that which is invisible and soundless. Begin even now to practice it, and so a thousand serpents will be kept from your path. Live in the eternal.


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