Climber’s Guide

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Shortly after his death in 1944, René Daumal’s allegory of walking the spiritual path, Mount Analogue was published posthumously. The story depicts a group of spiritual adventurers setting out to discover the mysterious Mount Analogue. This spiritual mountain is a wonderful metaphor for the concept of The SELF, and mountain climbing is a perfect corollary to living the spiritual life. So with a nod of gratitude to René Daumal we borrow this allegory to bring into focus the critical tools and skills needed for us to ascend the mountain of the Spiritual SELF.

The insight and wisdom found here is drawn from three crucial Theosophical sources.

H.P. Blavatsky’s rendition of The Voice of the Silence,

W. Q. Judge’s poetic rendition of the Bhagavad-Gita, and

Mabel Collins faithful recording of the instructions of a Master called Light on the Path.

One of the crucial concepts in the climbing of Mount Analogue is the rule that no climber can progress to a greater height until he has descended to a lower one and brought along a fellow climber to the level he has achieved. Then and only then could he continue on his journey. We hope these passages, drawn from these works and correlated with the topics posted to the right, will lighten the step of many a weary traveler in the spiritual quest.

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