H. P. Blavatsky

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (H.P.B.)

August 12, 1831 — May 8, 1891


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Selected Quotes from H. P. Blavatsky

  1. On Theosophy

    “The essence of Theosophy is the perfect harmonizing of the divine with the human in man, the adjustment of his god-like qualities and aspirations, and their sway over the terrestrial or animal passions in him. Kindness, absence of every ill feeling or selfishness, charity, goodwill to all beings, and perfect justice to others as to oneself, are its chief features. He who teaches Theosophy preaches the gospel of goodwill; and the converse of this is true also — he who preaches the gospel of goodwill, teaches Theosophy.” — Letters to the American Conventions, 1888
  2. On Human Relations and Happiness

    "Is it not enough to bear the burden of the knowledge that from birth to death, the least, the most unimportant, unit of the human family exercises an influence over, and receives in his turn, as unconsciously as he breathes, that of every other unit whom he approaches, or who comes in contact with him? Each of us either adds to or diminishes the sum total of human happiness and human misery, "not only of the present, but of every subsequent age of humanity, …"
    — from the article "On Pseudo-Theosophy", Lucifer, March 1889

Selected Quotes on H.P. Blavatsky

  1. Masters on H.P. Blavatsky

    . . . as to H. P. B. personally, these words might possibly be remembered with advantage: "Masters say that Nature's laws have set apart woe for those who spit back in the face of their teacher, for those who try to belittle her work and make her out to be part good and part fraud; those who have started on the path through her must not try to belittle her work and aim. They do not ask for slavish idolatry of a person, but loyalty is required. They say that the Ego of that body she uses was and is a great and brave servant of the Lodge, sent to the West for a mission with full knowledge of the insult and obloquy to be surely heaped upon that devoted head; and they add: 'Those who cannot understand her had best not try to explain her; those who do not find themselves strong enough for the task she outlined from the very first had best not attempt it.'"
    — from the article "H. P. B. Was Not Deserted by the Masters", by William Q. Judge, Theosophy, April 1896

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