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  1. Richard Fairley

    I would have to disagree. Johnston presents nothing here apart from a personal preference – like mint flavoured ice cream over that of chocolate. Johnston says, “from the point of view of power and beauty” Shankara’s position is superior to that of Kant and Schopenhauer: Johnston may be right in his highly subjective preference – however, a rigorous demonstration of a superior truth-claim, it is not.

  2. Moesy Pittounikos

    This is a masterful rendering of Kant and India. I am always impressed by Charles Johnson. What a clever man! It is sad, however, that I’m the first to comment. There are so many blogs out there by people who don’t know what they’re talking about.

    1. Universal Theosophy

      Thanks for the comment Moesy. We’ve always been impressed with Johnston as well! Definitely a guy who knew what he was talking about.


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