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  1. rudrappa agadi

    Your article Transmigration of Life Atoms is a very beautiful, hidden from science so far and the ultimate truth about the particles that depart from a dead man’s body. Sri.Paramahansa Yogananda ji, who was in USA for more than 45 years and who was born on this earth plane to spiritualise the westerners, has clearly written in his “autobiography of Yogi” book and he has called them “Lifetrons” (Life-trons : means Life-atoms) which are sub-atomic particles and travel at the speed of light. These lifetrons are inherently intelligent and karmic fact is also hidden in these lifetrons, which guide them to the next sperm-ovum according to the Karma. So what is written by Blavatsky is accurately right and I think these Lifetrons will not be invented by science and remain ever eternally.


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