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  1. Gwynne Mayer

    I am currently working on an online program through Theosophy Society of America in Wheaton on Esoteric Christianity and really can use some of your incredible wisdom. Your writing is clear and to the point. I am currently uploading all of your material so that I can read it at my leisure.

    1. Universal Theosophy

      Thanks for the comment Gwynne. On the subject of Esoteric Christianity, you might be interested in an article by Franz Hartmann on our site. See here: The Foundations of Christian Mysticism. In addition to this, a theosophist by the name of James Pryse translated nearly the whole of the New Testament from a theosophical perspective. You can find his main work here: Hope this helps. Glad you’re benefiting from the materials we have online here. :)


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