The Art of Living

Welcome to The Art of Living on Universal Theosophy!

Since Theosophy purports to be the wisdom that underlies life itself it must be able to address all of life’s challenges and difficulties whether large or small. This section of the web site collates the collective wisdom of humanity into a group of practical themes.  Passages from the founders of the Theosophical Movement and from literature and history are all combined together to provide some light on the issues at hand.   The menu on the right presents the various categories for your consideration. If you have a wonderful passage or insight on any of these subjects please feel free to share them with us.

All for one, and One for all.

Simultaneously, we also have an ongoing Art of Living study group on our sister-site, Theosophy Nexus. Members can engage in ongoing discussion of these and other themes, with the purpose of exploring how Theosophy addresses both the mysteries of life and the challenges of our daily round.

Also, try our Art of Living  keyword search, to find what you’re looking for through the passages as a group.

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