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  1. Rulo

    Meditation of any type at the end of the day is delicious. It also aids in the speedy transition to the sleep state. Meditation at any time is a good thing if you ask me. Just do it!

  2. LAURA

    How do we begin such a journey ? This nightly journey? Rarely do we observe while sleeping yet we do know that our troubles become less so, after sleep.

  3. LAURA

    Notes from Lucifer as found in Theosophical Articles and Notes pg201. “KARMA, TANHA and SKANDAS , are the mighty trinity in one and the cause of our re-births. The illustration of painting our own present likeness at death, and that likeness becoming the future personality is very poetical and graphic, but we claim it as an Occult teaching.”

    What we do every twenty four hours counts . Meditation is a preparation for the day and for lifetimes.

  4. Victoria

    I find that when I start the day with reverence followed by meditation, the day unfolds like a flower. Otherwise it’s a tornado.

    1. Ramprakash

      Very true. Also end the day before sleep with meditation on Voice verses. It has salutary effect in causing deeply peaceful sleep and clearer and higher sorts of dreams, and awake in the morning in meditative mood.


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