Remembering the Life and Work of H.P. Blavatsky

“The poet’s heart, the philosopher’s mind, the prophet’s power reveals (in her work) the beauty and acumen and energy.”


Universal Theosophy offers the opportunity to get involved in virtual study meetings, allowing us to connect, discuss and learn together. Below you will find information on ongoing study groups, along with schedules of meeting times.

If you would like to join us, please sign up using the Contact Form. We will then contact you via email to discuss options of which study groups fit your schedule and interest.

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— Universal Theosophy Thursday Meetings 2021 —

Two Classes each Thursday:   Eastern Daylight Time 8:00 PM           Pacific Daylight Time 7:00 PM

1st Thursday of the MonthEast Class/  West ClassTao Te Ching
2nd Thursday of the MonthEast Class/  West ClassWQ Judge  The Scope of Reincarnation
3rd Thursday of the MonthEast Class/  West ClassTheosophy in Literature
4th Thursday of the MonthEast Class/  West ClassIntroduction to the Secret Doctrine   B.P. Wadia

Meeting Length: 1 hour and 20 minutes.  Each Class is encouraging to all students to participate.

It is a discussion oriented gathering with a round robin at the end of each class where students are invited to present a concluding thought to the meeting.

Students may sign up for one or more of the above meetings.

Sign up using the Contact Form.


1st Saturday of the Month10am-noonPSTThe Secret Doctrine, by H. P. Blavatsky
Sunday, weekly10am-noonPSTPearls from Dzogchen, Advaita Vedanta and the The Secret Doctrine
Sunday, weekly12-1 pmPSTThe Key to Theosophyby H. P. Blavatsky
Monday, weekly12:30-2pmPSTThe Bhagavad Gita
Wednesday, weekly6-7 pmPSTThe Ocean of Theosophy, by W. Q. Judge
Wednesday, weekly7:30-8:30 pmPSTThe Secret Doctrine, by H. P. Blavatsky
Friday, weekly5-6pmPSTThe Gospel According to Thomas, and related Theosophical Texts

— Special Classes on Dzogchen (Tibetan Buddhism) —

Thursday, weekly7-9pmPSTTeachings on Dzogchen and Mahamudra by Lama Karma. Ample time for questions.
1st Saturday of the Month10am-noonPSTTeachings on Dzogchen and Mahamudra by Lama Karma. There will be some translation to French. Ample time for questions.


Please sign up using the Contact Form found HERE.



Weekly Theme for Contemplation: The Risen Christ

The therapeutic teaching and wise instruction of Jesus
Christ had to do with authentic initiation. — HERMES

Weekly Almanac: Quotes of the Day









Jewels in the Lotus

The Lustre of Wisdom

The Lustre of Wisdom

Learn from these facets of Nature; though trampled on by all, be firm in your adversity like the earth itself ; from these mountains which hold their mineral and other resources for the welfare of the world, learn that you must live for others and not for yourself; like the wind, you must be able […] Read more

Articles by H.P. Blavatsky

Death and Immortality

Death and Immortality

Death and Immortality Theosophist, November, 1882 Letter by N.D.K. | Reply by H.P.B. The following letter states an embarrassment which may very likely have occurred to other readers of the passages quoted, besides our correspondent.—Ed. [H.P.B.] Occult Fragments and The Book of Khiu-Ti To the Editor of The Theosophist. In the article on “Death” by […] Read more

Articles by W.Q. Judge

Jacob Boehme and the Secret Doctrine

Jacob Boehme and the Secret Doctrine

Jacob Boehme and the Secret Doctrine Theosophist, April, 1886. Jacob Boehme (or as some say Behmen) was a German mystic and spiritualist who began to write in the 17th century. In his works he inserted a picture of an angel blowing a trumpet, from which issued these words: “To all Christians, Jews, Turks and Heathens, […] Read more

Theosophical Research

Research: On the Etymology of Senzar

Senzar in the Writings of Blavatsky (In Chronological Order) Yes, the letter-tree of Tibet is a fact; and moreover, the inscriptions in its leaf-cells and fibres are in the Senzar, or sacred language used by the Adepts, and in their totality comprise the whole Dharma of Buddhism and the history of the world. (“The Sacred […] Read more

Meditation, Mindfulness and Self-Study

Meditation, Concentration and Will

Introduction What is meditation? What role does concentration and will play in meditation?  What is the purpose of meditation?  And why does Krishna, representing the Higher Self,  admonish us to become men and women of meditation? Meditation, like yoga and karate, is in danger of being trivialized and stripped of its spiritual significance. Human beings, […] Read more

Science of Spirituality

Plato's Chariot Allegory, with the Commentary of Hermeas

Plato’s Chariot Allegory, with the Commentary of Hermeas

The following is an exploration of the Platonic Charioteer Allegory, an allegory which appears not only in Greek philosophy, but also in Indian spiritual texts, both with quite similar underlying meanings. Before we come to Plato’s use of the Allegory along with Hermeas’s excellent explanation, let us quickly touch upon its use in eastern texts. The main source […] Read more

Philosophy of Perfectability

The Allegory of the Cave

The Allegory of the Cave

The Allegory of the Cave Those having Lamps will pass them on to others.   – PLATO In The Secret Doctrine we are told that Plato was not merely the greatest philosopher of Greece but also an Adept who belonged psychically, mentally and spiritually to the higher planes of evolution, a ‘Fifth-rounder’ in the Fourth Round, […] Read more

Religion of Responsibility

The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac

The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac The division of the Zodiac into different signs dates from immemorial antiquity. It has acquired a world-wide celebrity and is to be found in the astrological systems of several nations. The invention of the Zodiac and its signs has been assigned to different nations by different antiquarians. It is […] Read more

Society of the Future

Gandhi on Theosophy and Global Civilization of Tomorrow

Gandhi on Theosophy and Global Civilization of Tomorrow

Invocation “Common be your prayer; Common be your goal; Common be your purpose; Common be your deliberation. Common be your wishes, Your hearts in concord, Your intentions in concord, Perfect be the union amongst you.”   Rig Veda1 Dedication             Let me begin this evening by honoring the ancient and noble practice of saluting those […] Read more



The Princess, The Pearls and the Monkey

The Princess, The Pearls and the Monkey

One day, the queen and her friends were walking in the palace gardens. It was a hot summer day, so they decided to get some respite from the heat by swimming in the royal pool. Before going in the pool, the queen took off her pearl necklace and gave it to her maidservant for safekeeping. […] Read more

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